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make money online through Google Adsense, writing reviews, private advertising, link and banners ads and affiliate programs. For Adsense I get the payment through Cheque. It is released on every 25th of the month and reach my home in around 20 days. Then I deposit the cheque in the bank, then it takes another 2-3 days to be en cashed. For other advertising programs I get the payment directly transferred into my PayPal account. And through PayPal, it takes only 2-3 working days to transfer the money in my bank account. Let’s compare which is the better system.

1. Through PayPal, it takes maximum of 2-3 days for the payment to reach my bank account.
2. Through Google Adsense Cheque, it takes around 20-25 days for the payment to get deposited in the bank account.

So the PayPal money transfer system is far better than Google age-old Cheque system.

What Google should do?

Google has two options. Either it should acquire PayPal which I don’t think is feasible option at present as it is a wholly o…