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syllabus of kUK ENGG civil 7TH

7th SEM

B. Tech. VII Semester (Civil) CE-401E DESIGN OF CONCRETE STRUCTUTRES-II L T P/D Total Max.Marks: 100 4 - - 4 Theory: 100 marks Duration: 4 hrs. UNIT-I Continuous Beams: Basic assumptions, Moment of inertia, settlements, Modification of moments, maximum moments and shear, beams curved in plan-analysis for torsion, redistribution of moments for single and multi-span beams, design examples. Prestressed Concrete: Basic principles, classification of prestressed members, various prestressing systgems, losses in prestress, initial and final stress conditions, analysis and design of sections for flexure and shear, load balancing concept, I:S:Specifications . End blocks-Analysis of stresses, Magnel's method, Guyon's method, Bursting and spalling stresses, design examples. UNIT-II Flat slabs and staircases: Advantages of flat slabs, general design considerations, approximate direct design method, design of flat slabs, openings in flat slab, design of various types of staircases, design exampl…

kurukshetra university 6th sem civil engg syllabus

6th SEM B. Tech. VI Semester (Civil) CE-302E DESIGN OF STEEL
STRUCTURES-II L T P/D Total Max.Marks: 150 3 - 2 5 Theory: 100 marks Sessional: 50 marks Duration: 3 hrs, UNIT-I Elementary Plastic Analysis and Design: Introduction, Scope of plastic analysis, ultimate load carrying capacity of tension members and compression members, flexural members, shape factor, mechanisms, plastic collapse, analysis, plastic analysis applied to steel beams and simple portal frames and design. UNIT-II Design of Water Tanks: Introduction, permissible stresses, design of circular, rectangular and pressed steel tanks including staging. Design of Steel Stacks: Introduction, various loads to be considered for the design of steel stacks, design of steel stacks including foundation. UNIT-III Towers: Transmission line towers, microwave towers, Design loads, classification, design procedure and specification. Cold Formed Sections: Introduction and brief description of various types of cold formed sections, local buckling, concepts…


B.TECH VIIth SEMESTER VLSI DESIGN (ECE-401E) L T P Theory : 100 3 2 - Sessional : 50 Time : 3Hrs UNIT 1 : NMOS & CMOS Fabrication Process Sequence, Basic electrical properties of NMOs & CMOS inverters, MOS Design Process : Stick Diagram & Design rules. UNIT 2 : Delay in MOS Circuits, Scaling of MOS Circuits, Some design examples, inverter, NAND gates, Multiplexer, Logic Function Block. Introduction to physical design of IC’s Layout rules & circuit abstractor, Cell generation, Layout environments, Layout methodologies, Packaging, Computational Complexity, Algorithmic Paradigms. UNIT 3: Placement : Partitioning, Floor planning, Placement. Routing : Fundamentals, Global Routing, Detailed Routing, Routing in FPGA’s. UNIT-4: Performance issues in Circuit Layout : Delay models, Timing Driven placement,TimingDrivenRouting,Via Minimization, Power Minimization, other issues. NOTE: The question paper shall have eight questions in all organized into four sections, each section ha…