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LALA LAJPAT RAI UNIVERSITY OF VETERINARY AND ANIMAL SCIENCES, HISAR (Established by Haryana Legislature Act No. 7 of 2010) Advertisement No. 1/2018 The applicants are advised to read the instructions/conditions carefutty before applying and ensure that they fulfil the requisite qualifications and other condations on closing date of online application.
The candidature of the candidates will be reiected if thev are found ineliqible at a later staqe. l. Online applications are invited with opening date 24.09.2018 and closing date 15.10.2018 for recruitment to various non-teaching posts on the prescribed application form (Form'B'for posts at Sr. No. 01 to 1Sand Form'C'for posts at Sr. No. 16 to20) available on university website,in.alongwith downloadable prescribed qualifications,
 pay scales, instructions/conditions and selection criteria & syllabus for written examinations with a provision of online payment of application processing fee for posts at Sr. No. 01 to15 of Rs. 10001 (Rs. ZS:O\- for SC/BCA/BCB of Haryana) and for posts at Sr. No. 16 to20 of Rs.600/- (Rs.1S0/- for SC/BCA/BCB of Haryana). The women candidates of Haryana shall also be granted 50% concession in application processing fee in the category to whicS they belong. Persons with disability belonging to Haryana State shall be exempted from payment of application processing fee. ln addition, candidates of all categories who apply online will also have to bear the actual bank charges. lncomplete applications and the applications not received on prescribed format or received after due date will not be considered. ln-service candidates should apply through proper channel alongwith self-attested copies of all documents; however, they must submit an advance copy online, alongwith requisite fee, on or before the cloiing date of receipt of application. Benefit of reservation will be admissible only to those SCI gCA/ BCB/ PWD/ESM/Sports candidates who are domicile of Haryana State.
Non-teachinq post
1. Assistant Procurement Officer (1)
 2. Veterinary Surgeon (1)
 3. Hostel Warden (1)
4. Lady HostelWarden (1) S. Radiographer (3)
 (one each for RVDEC Mohindergarh and Uchani) Gen'-2, PWD-1. Supervisor (Animal Attendant) (1 ) Generator Operator (1
) Clerk (55) Gen.-17, BCA(ESM)-1 , SC-1 1 , BCB-S, BCB(ESM)-2, SC(ESM)-2, PWD-3, Gen Sports-1 BCA-9, Gen(ESM)-4, 6. 7" B.
9.Steno-Typist (11)- Gen.-4, PWD-1, SC-2, BCA-2, BCB-1, Gen.(ESM)-1
10.Lab. Technician (12)- Gen.-5, PWD-I, SC-2, BCA-2, BCB-1, Gen. (ESM)-1
 11.Lab Technician (CODS&T) (4)- Gen.-3, PWD-1
1 2.Veterinary Livestock Development Assistant (4)Gen.-3, PWD-1
 I 3. Lab Attendant (12)- Gen.-5, SC-2, BCA-2, BCB-1 , PWD-',| , Gen.(ESM)-1
 1 4. Computer Operator (1 )
 15.Water Pump Operator-ll (1) \ulr4A \;/ @t lG.Attendant (5) Gen.-3, PWD-1, SC-1 lT.Messengei'1tt; Gen- 6, SC-1, Gen(ESM)- 1, BCB- 1, BCA(ESM) -1, sc(ESM) -1 18. Beldar (7) PWD-1, Gen-3, SC-1 , BCA-1 Gen(ESM)-1 19.Animal Aitendant (16) Gen.-8, SC-2, BCA-1, BCB-1, BCB(ESM)-1, SC (ESM)- 1, BC-A Sports-1, SC SPorts-1. 20.Telephone Attendant (1 )



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