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make money online through Google Adsense, writing reviews, private advertising, link and banners ads and affiliate programs. For Adsense I get the payment through Cheque. It is released on every 25th of the month and reach my home in around 20 days. Then I deposit the cheque in the bank, then it takes another 2-3 days to be en cashed. For other advertising programs I get the payment directly transferred into my PayPal account. And through PayPal, it takes only 2-3 working days to transfer the money in my bank account. Let’s compare which is the better system.

1. Through PayPal, it takes maximum of 2-3 days for the payment to reach my bank account.
2. Through Google Adsense Cheque, it takes around 20-25 days for the payment to get deposited in the bank account.

So the PayPal money transfer system is far better than Google age-old Cheque system.

What Google should do?

Google has two options. Either it should acquire PayPal which I don’t think is feasible option at present as it is a wholly owned subsidiary of eBay. The option which I think Google can do is to make Google Checkout like PayPal.

Google should introduce these features of PayPal in Checkout.

Shopping Carts: PayPal has a free customizable built in shopping cart
Subscriptions/Recurring Payments: You can set up recurring payments which is ideal for membership sites.
Donations: Add the paypal button on your site and get donations from your visitors.
Accept Multiple currencies- Accept payments in US, Australian and Canadian Dollars, UK pounds, Yen and Euro.
Real time notifications of payments.
Optional PayPal Accounts: The buyer need not to have a PayPal account to make a purchase. A PayPal account is optional and not mandatory.
Customized Payment Pages: You can add your website colors and logos to PayPal’s payment pages.
Invoicing: You can send your customers detailed email invoices. You can create and save up to 10 customized invoices using PayPal invoice templates.
Refunds: You can give full or partial refunds to your customers up to 60 days after the sale.
Integrated Shipping: Allows you to create packing slips for your shipments. Includes integrated shipping and delivery tracking for buyer and seller.
Automatically send order updates and status notifications.
Mass Pay: You can send payments to large groups-like affiliates.
Auto Return: When the buyer has made the purchase on the PayPal site he is sent back to a URL on your website. This can be used to confirm the order, a thank you page, or a download page or simply just to make sure the buyer stays on your site.
Facility to transfer the money directly to bank account.
I don’t think it is difficult for Google to transfer the Adsense money to the bank accounts of webmasters through Checkout. This will easily reduce the time taken by the Adsense money to reach the pocket of webmaster. The minimum payout for Adsense is 100 $. There are millions of webmasters who never reach 100 $ and as a result lose their money. So if Google will implement this plan then it will very helpful for such new webmasters. Adsense is hit concept of Google whereas Checkout is not so popular due to competition from PayPal. So I strongly believe if Google will add this feature in Checkout then it will be able to give really tough competition to PayPal.

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